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James Marsters News + Live Journal

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James Marsters to Cameo in BILLIE BOB JOE (plus @Indiegogo Campaign) | @Pogie_Joe
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Billie Bob Joe (filming) 2015
James Marsters

Contribute now!!!

@jamie_marsters 10:47 AM
@Pogie_Joe James Marsters IMDb page lists him as being in Billie Bob Joe; just double checking if that's accurate?

@Pogie_Joe 10:50 AM
@jamie_marsters True! A brief cameo! We're raising funds for the movie...would you be able to share a link with fans? igg.me/at/bbjmovie

@jamie_marsters 10:56 AM
@Pogie_Joe Absolutely! I'm more than happy to. And I'm just about to contribute myself! :D

@Pogie_Joe 11:05 AM
@jamie_marsters I can't thank you enough! :D

Contribute now!!!

Is your name Joe? Joseph? Josephine? Joey?

Is your name Bob? Robert? Bobbi? Roberta?

Little did you know that you were part of a vast conspiracy. 
The Joeolution and the Bobolution.
  • Ever see the store Trader Joes? The Joes have created that franchise as a means of promoting themselves. Bob Evans is an equivalent for the Bobs.
  • "Bobbing for apples" comes from a time when Joes used to try and drown Bobs. 
  • "Average Joe" and "Joe schmo" are terms that derive from Bobs demeaning the Joes' individuality.
It's all hiding right in front of our eyes and Billie Jessup and Custodia Saxon are here to bust open these secrets on the silver screen. With cameos from famous folk such as James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Chef Buddy of Cake Boss, Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers, and Dav Pilkey (author of the Captain Underpants series), you know it's going to be insane!

SOURCE/Indiegogo/SOURCE/Official Website/Facebook Page

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