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Awesome Con Washington DC Photo Ops Schedule (inc James Marsters, @EmmaCaulfield & @amber_benson)

Awesome Con 2015


May 29th & 31st, 2015

Individual Photo OpsFridaySaturdaySunday
Allison Mackn/a6:00pm3:30pm
Amber Benson6:15pm2:00pm2:00pm
Austin St. John4:15pm3:15pm2:15pm
Barry Gordonn/a12:15pm12:00pm
Brian O'Halloran6:45pm1:30pm1:00pm
Brian Teen/a1:00pm12:45pm
Bryan Johnson5:45pm2:15pm3:30pm
Cam Clarken/a12:45pm12:30pm
Casper Van Dien7:30pm5:00pm2:30pm
Count Gore de Vol3:45pm1:15pm11:15am
David Yost4:30pm3:30pm2:30pm
Dina Meyer7:00pm4:30pm2:00pm
Emma Caulfieldn/a2:15pm2:15pm
George Takein/a3:15pm3:45pm
Grant Imahara4:00pm4:00pm3:15pm
James Marsters6:00pm2:45pm2:45pm
Jason Mewes7:15pm2:00pm1:30pm
John Rhys-Davies7:15pm4:00pm1:30pm
Karan Ashley3:30pm2:30pm1:30pm
Kevin Eastmann/a12:15pm12:00pm
Kristin Bauern/a5:45pm4:30pm
Marilyn Ghigliotti6:30pm1:15pm12:45pm
Mark Pellegrino4:15pm4:00pm12:15pm
Merrin Dungeyn/a4:45pm4:00pm
Michael Biehn3:15pm6:30pm1:15pm
Ming Chen5:15pm1:45pm3:00pm
Ralph Macchio5:00pm1:30pm11:45am
Rob Paulsenn/a12:45pm12:30pm
Sean Astin6:45pm3:30pm1:00pm
Seth Rollins4:30pmn/an/a
Townsend Colemann/a1:00pm12:45pm
Victoria Smurfit5:30pm5:00pmn/a
Walter E. Jones3:45pm2:45pm1:45pm
William Shatner5:30pm2:30pmn/a
Team Up Photo OpsFridaySaturdaySunday
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Marsters, Caulfield, Benson)n/a2:30pm2:30pm
Clerks (O'Halloran, Ghigliotti, Mewes)7:00pm1:45pm1:15pm
Comic Book Men (Johnson & Chen)5:30pm2:00pm3:15pm
Lord of the Rings (Rhys-Davies & Astin)7:00pm3:45pm1:15pm
Power Rangers (St. John, Yost, Ashley, Jones)4:00pm3:00pm2:00pm
Queens of Darkness (Bauer, Dungey, Smurfit)n/a5:15pmn/a
Starship Troopers (Van Dien & Meyer)7:15pm4:45pm2:15pm
TMNT (Eastman, Gordon, Clarke, Paulsen, Coleman, Tee)n/an/a12:15pm
TMNT The Turtles & Shredder (Gordon, Clarke, Paulsen, Townsend, Tee)n/a12:30pmn/a
WWE (Rollins & Natalya)4:15pmn/an/a

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