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2015 Knoxville Fanboy Expo Schedule of Events (inc James Marsters & @EmmaCaulfield) | @FanboyExpo


The Celebrity Guests are schedule to be appearing at there signing booths during show hours for All 3-Days unless other wise noted.* The Below schedule is for Special Events, Photo Opps and Question and Answer Sessions with guests: 

FRIDAY – June 5

10:30am           Ticket Sales Open                                Concourse

11:30am           Doors Open VIP Only                           Hall B

12:00pm             Doors Open General Public                   Hall B

2:00pm             Christopher Judge  Q&A                       Fanboy Theater

2:45pm             Kane Hodder Q&A Session                   Fanboy Theater

3:00pm             Classic Doctor Who Costuming             200 DE

w/ Robert Allsopp

3:30pm             Tara Reid Q&A                                     Fanboy Theater

4:15pm             Tara Reid Photo Opp                             Photo Booth

4:30pm             Warehouse 13 Q&A                              Fanboy Theater

w/ Saul & Eddie

5:00pm             Star Wars Costuming                            200 DE

5:15pm             Warehouse 13 Photo Opp                      Photo Booth

w/ Saul & Eddie

5:30pm             Roddy Piper Photo Opp                         Photo Booth

5:45pm             Roddy Piper Q&A                                 Fanboy Theater

7:00pm             Show Floor Closes                                Hall B

7:00pm             Batman Movie Screening                      Scruffy City Hall

9:00pm             Fanboy Expo Super Hero Bash              Scruffy City Hall


8:00am            Ticket Sales Open                                 Concourse

9:30am            Doors Open VIP Only                           Hall B

10:00am           Doors Open General Public                   Hall B

10:20am         Disney Singalong                                 Fanboy Theater

10:45am           Costume Contest Prejudging                 200 DE

11:00am           Beauty & Beast Q&A Session               Fanboy Theater

w/Paige O’Hara & Richard White

11:45am           Disney Photo Opp                                 Photo Booth

w/Paige O’Hara & Richard White

12:00pm           Haven Q&A Session                             Fanboy Theater

w/Adam Copeland & Eric Balfour

12:45pm           Haven Photo Opp                                 Photo Booth

1:00pm             Adam Copeland Photo Opp                   Photo Booth

1:30pm             Fanboy Expo Costume Contest             Fanboy Theater

2:15pm             Burt Ward Photo Opp                           Photo Booth

2:30pm             CD Barnes Q&A Session                       200 DE

3:15pm             Burt Ward Q&A Session                           Fanboy Theater

3:30pm             New Doctor Who Costuming                200 DE

w/ Robert Allsopp

4:00pm             Buffy the Vampire Slayer Q&A Session Fanboy Theater

w/ James Marsters & Emma Cauflied

4:45pm             Buffy Photo Opp                                  Photo Booth

w/ James Marsters & Emma Caufield

4:45pm             Christy Romano Q&A Session              200 DE

5:00pm             Doctor Who Q&A Session                    Fanboy Theater

w/ Neve McIntosh, Dan Starkey

& Marnix

6:00 pm            Ken Spivey Band in Concert                 200DE

7:00pm             Show Floor Closes                                Hall B

6:00pm             Helen Keller vs Nighwolves             Scruffy City Hall

Movie Premier Screening w/Ross Patterson & Barry Bostwick

8:30pm             James Marsters Concert                        Scruffy City Hall

10:00pm           Celebrity Comedy Improv                     Scruffy City Hall

9:30pm             Fanboy VIP After Party                         Scruffy City Hall

SUNDAY – June 7

9:30am            Ticket Sales Open                                 Concourse

10:30am           Doors Open VIP Only                           Hall B

11:00am           Doors Open General Public                   Hall B

11:45am           Samantha Newark Q&A Session           200 DE

12:30pm          Marc McClure Q&A Session               200 DE

1:30pm             Star Wars Shakespeare                          200 DE

2:45pm             FDR American Badass Screening          200 DE

Q&A w/ Ross Patterson & Barry Bostwick

5:00pm             Show Floor Closes                                Hall B

*Schedule Subject to change without notice.

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