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    Check out my Twitter Widget (awesomely handy thing) for all the latest James Marsters news, reviews, etc; & to find out when I update the Don't…

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    Wed, 12:01: Pic of the Day: Smiley-@ JamesMarstersOf sitting in the back of a van... cos why not... #JamesMarsters #ThatSmileThough

  • My tweets

    Tue, 12:01: Pic of the Day: The Fanged Four leaving a little chaos in their wake during #Angel #2.7 "Darla" @ JamesMarstersOf @ julietlandau @…

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    Mon, 12:01: Pic of the Day: @ JamesMarstersOf & @ JasminMarsters1's filming a spot to promote Jasmin's film 'Kessi Blue' 2014…

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    Sun, 12:01: Pics of the Day: @ JamesMarstersOf giving you the thumbs up, or the you rock, at the 2002 AFI Awards #JamesMarsters @ AmericanFilm…

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    Sat, 12:01: Pics of the Day: @ JamesMarstersOf & Tom Welling @ CW_Smallville #7.10 "Persona" promo pics #JamesMarsters #TomWelling

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