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    Tue, 12:01: Pic of the Day: @ JamesMarstersOf chatting with some lucky fans at @ KLZ_Events #Buffy FanMeet in Frankfurt, Germany 2014…

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    Pic of the Day: @JamesMarstersOf, @GerardButler, @RealGinaGershon & @LisaKudrow enjoying some karaoke in P.S. I Love You #JamesMarsters

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    Pics of the Day: @JamesMarstersOf & @EverCarradine looking like they belong on a runway... & then looking super smug about that fact...…

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    Sat, 12:01: Pics of the Day: @ BillyBoydActor being *super* impressed with @ JamesMarstersOf's "gaming uniform"... aka his pyjamas... bless...…

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    Pic of the Day: @JamesMarstersOf & his lovely face in @HawaiiFive0CBS #2.1 "Ha'i'ole" #JamesMarsters #HawaiiFive0 #H50

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    Thu, 12:01: Pic of the Day: #Spike sleeping like a baby... in @ BuffyTVS #4.7 "The Initiative" @ JamesMarstersOf #JamesMarsters #Buffy

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