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“Caprica” Nielsen Ratings for “End Of the Line” (Mid-Season Finale; feat. James Marsters)

Caprica” Nielsen Ratings for “End Of the Line” (Mid-Season Finale)

Posted on 29 March 2010 by Robert Seidman

Caprica wrapped up the first half of its first season on Friday night with a 0.5 rating with adults 18-49 (tied for a series high).  Though the 18-49 numbers were among its strongest, the total average viewers was not among its top performance with 1.103 million.

Now Caprica goes on break.  Stargate Universe returns this coming Friday and it will be interesting (for geeks like me) to compare the ratings for the two shows.   Here are the first half of season one ratings for Caprica.

DateEpisode18-49 RatingViewers (millions)
5-Feb-10Reins of a Waterfall0.41.128
26-Feb-10There Is Another Sky0.41.127
5-Mar-10Know They Enemy0.51.155
12-Mar-10The Imperfections of Memory0.41.071
19-Mar-10Ghosts in the Machine0.41.229
26-Mar-10End of Line0.51.103

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Why such a drop for Gravedancing, I wonder? And on a related note, why back up the very next week?

I honestly have no idea. On either count. For the most part, the rest of the ratings have been pretty consistent, with only a little fluctuation really. Except for that one episode.


Especially considering, that was Patton Oswald's first appearance, so, if anything, I'd think that'd up the ratings.

Really weird.

Maybe it was the premiere night for "America's Most Screwed Up Reality Celebrity Family", or something.

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