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James Marsters to Attend German Comic Con 2015 | @GermanComicCon

Not to be confused with the Comic Con Germany event in June 2016, which James cancelled; but good news for German fans who were disappointed by that cancellation!

@GermanComicCon 6:54 AM
#JamesMarsters at @GermanComicCon in Dec 2015 in Dortmund! @JM_Live #FirstGCC germancomiccon.com/de/tickets #germancomiccon pic.twitter.com/Sgxx6eIWa2

German Comic Con
Neuer Stargast auf der German Comic Con 2015 in den Westfalenhallen Dortmund: #JamesMarsters! Er ist in über 50 Filmen und TV Serien zu sehen; unsterblich hat ihn aber sicher die Rolle des #Spike in Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen gemacht. In 97 #BUFFY Folgen ist James zu sehen, hat dann den Sprung geschafft und ist wieder als Spike in Angel – Jäger der Finsternis an der Seite von David Boreanaz aufge taucht. James hat in vielen weiteren Kultserien wie z.B. Torchwood, Warehouse13, Witches of East End, Hawaii Five-0, Smallville und Supernatural mitgespielt. Wir freuen uns über diesen besonders coolen Stargast auf der German Comic Con 2015 in Dortmund! Holt euch jetzt eure Tickets für das Event, Autogramme und Photoshoots in unserem Online-Shop => geht in kürze online!
New Star Guest announcement at #GermanComicCon 2015 in Dortmund: James Marsters! James Marsters played in more than 50 Movies and TV Show. As #Spike he became immortal in 97 episodes of #BuffyTheVampireSlayer. After this he moved on as SPIKE to #ANGEL where he played side by side with David Boreanaz. James was part of many other Cult Shows like #TORCHWOOD, #WAREHOUSE 13, #WITCHESOFEASTEND, #HAWAIIFIVE0, #SMALLVILLE or #SUPERNATURAL. We are very happy to welcome him at #GermanComicCon 2015! Get your tickets for the show, autographs and photoshoots very soon via our Online-Shop!

James Marsters - The Official Page James Marsters - fans #FirstGCC #GCC #GCC2015

Neuer Stargast auf der German Comic Con 2015 in den Westfalenhallen Dortmund: #JamesMarsters! Er ist in über 50 Filmen...

Posted by German Comic Con on Thursday, August 20, 2015

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